Ghost producers will run out of a job soon!”
DJ Laidback Luke (International DJ, production credits inc. Steve Aoki, Diplo, Swedish House Mafia, Hardwell)

“Such fun!”
Hugh Fothergill, producer (Gorgon City, David Gray, Tokio Myers)

“Terrifyingly brilliant.” 
Facebook review

“This plugin is amazing”
YouTube review

“I have to admit that from what i’ve heard this is WAY better than any other melody generators i’ve come across. ” forum

“finally, that Grammy nomination seems in reach” forum

“That’s a great idea for inspiration and having a starting point… bought ” forum

“Works great!!! ” forum

“What is this voodoo?” forum

“Great little tool. First time I see an algorithmic generator, that actually brings results, that can really be used.” review

“I love it. You press the button and it comes up with a musical idea…For those of us who are less traditional music makers it’s also handy to get some ideas going in the right key from the off.” review

“Its an amazing tool to start your melody idea..just awesome!! respect”
YouTube review

“Melody Sauce is every penny worth imho…I bought it immediately after seeing the vids and had really a lot of fun with it in the last 24h…It works really good and comes up with neat melody ideas…Hit the button until you hear something you like, take this as a starting point and work it out further… we are already best friends!!!…Do yourself a favour and get yourself a copy… ” forum

“I love it…to complement what I’ve already got going on.. it’s adding some pretty unique layers too”
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“Wow. Crazy stuff”
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“Better than The Chainsmokers!”
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“This is awesome”
Vimeo review

“Respect to the programmer of this plugin, for such a good algorithm.”
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“Astoundingly simply in its UI, it’s remarkably complex under the hood…give yourself a little treat, and sprinkle a little Melody Sauce on your next creation before you get too deep, or even after its been cooking for a while!” review

“…groundbreaking software engineering and development. A new era in music history has begun today.”
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“Have it love It”
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“Would give 10 stars if I could!” review

I’m seriously truly amazed, even got my girlfriend to come and have a look at this…. Truly amazing work… bravo! Instant buy”
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“I want it all … I want it all .. and I want it NOW!!” review

Guys, I have to say you’ve made the BEST plugin ever, it’s so incredible I can’t believe it
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“Congratulations to the Evabeat Team, this is really a game changer”
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“This is what a lot of bedroom producers badly need…and it looks beautiful. A lot of similar plugins are fairly clunky and non intuitive, yours is the total opposite and you want to jump straight in and play with the interface.”
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“First project I’m working on with it already turned my track to jump beat. I can’t even finish this song because I’m dancing so much to it lol!”
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“I just would like to give some feedback. I did not have high expectations, but this tool is awesome. So melodic and works both for leads and basses. Excellent! Trying it out on a synthwave track now and the problem is not that no melody fits. They all fit so good, so my problem is to choose which one, LoL!” review