Melody Sauce MIDI VST/AU plugin.

1 x License.


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MelodySauce is an innovative VST/AU plugin that creates melodies as MIDI.

System Requirements

  • DAW supporting VST, Audio Units (AU) and MIDI FX including:
        • Ableton Live 9.5 & 10
        • Logic Pro X
        • Cubase 9 & 10
        • FL Studio 20
        • Studio One 4
        • Reaper
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 4GB of RAM required
  • Internet connection for download delivery and product activation
  • Activation limited to 2 computers per serial code

3 reviews for MELODY SAUCE – AU MIDI FX / VST

  1. remi (verified owner)

    Melody Sauce inspires me in my creation process, and that’s what I wanted : just choose a scale, push buttons and melody sauce creates little good melodies you can take as they come or cut ,reshape, complement in your daw and assemble with other parts of your material… The best is also when it comes to polyhonic melodies suggestions, astonishing. Peter made a great job and was very helpful to me when I asked support. I hope he will continue to work and add more and more surprises and little tools in melody Sauce :-). I saw some bad reviews on youtube but I found them not fair, I think people where expecting too much : no tool will replace a musician and the total complex and genuine melodic work, but melody sauce helps to give ideas, and that’s an crucial part of the creation process.

  2. Konstantin (verified owner)

    Two most important features of every (modern) melody are pitch and rhythm. That is what Melody Sauce created for. It generates good (very often outstanding) melodic rhythms combined with pitches in every of 24 major or minor tonalities (it depends on your choice, and yes, you can transpose those melodies in every major/minor scale). Melody Sauce doesn’t set notes randomly, but in most cases emphasizes particular scale degrees. The program generates midi files, so if you don’t like some particular pitches, you can easily edit it in your DAW. Melody Sauce generates (from my experience) so-called “dependable melodies”. That means, that you may need individually crafted (the best part for me!) chord progressions for these melodies to really shine. But you can try every common chord progression, and in most cases, it will fit “as is”.

    Is it cheating? No, it is merely cooperation, collaboration with a good melody composer, that you hired for 40 bucks for a lifetime. I own the plugin approx 6 months or so, and I generated at least 2000 melody lines (plus a lot of “dark”/”light” variations – I think it is kind of minor/major variations, and often the first variation is already great).

    So I can tell you, that there weren’t similar melodies or rhythms, that were preprogrammed. If you add possibilities of swing, ostinato and triplet and the possibility to harmonize melodies on the fly, then you would see complete picture of what the program offers.

    For 40 bucks…

    I love my melody collaborator!

  3. Anonymous

    The software couldn’t work with my system, so I was properly refunded without any problems.

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